Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 80

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Luck Is On Her Side

Immersed in thoughts, Elizabeth did not walk him out and instead sat at the dining table for some time. He pulls some strings for me only because he wants to keep his eye on me. Well,

there’s no burden for me to accept his nepotism then. Hilton Group is a big company. Even if I

work as an ordinary employee in the company, I will get much higher pay than those top

executives outside. Rumor has it that working there has a lot of benefits. Even in the company’s

cafeteria, lunch is in the form of a buffet. Besides, there are various desserts, fruits, and ice


Elizabeth rose to her feet and returned to her room. Her body was sticky due to her sweating

profusely while taking care of Matthew the day before. Hence, she took a bath.

She felt rejuvenated after doing so and got changed into a more formal suit. Then she put on

light makeup, for it was basic social etiquette.

As she was going to Matthew’s company, she could not bring herself to drive there.

After all, the car belonged to him. Since she considered the job interview a personal matter,

she did not want to use his car, as she did not want to give him the chance to educate her.

What a cheapskate you are, Matthew! Is this the generosity of the CEO of such a big

company? Hmph!

It was approximately ten o’clock when Elizabeth arrived at Hilton Group. As soon as she

stepped inside the company, the decoration caught her attention. The hall of the company looked

very prestigious.

She headed straight to the reception, telling them she was there for an interview. A security

guard then led her to the HR department on the fifth floor.

The manager of the department was a middle-aged man. After skimming through her resume,

he said indifferently, “Elizabeth, congratulations. You are hired. Now, you may complete the entry


She contacted me before showing up at the company. I am the manager of the HR

department. What else can I say? Dare I reject a referral from Mr. Hilton? All I can do is directly

hire her.

An employee from the HR department led Elizabeth to complete the entry procedures. After

spending a few hours completing them, Elizabeth realized she had forgotten to ask what the title

of her position was.

Upon thinking of that, she asked the female employee, “Oh. By the way, what’s the title of

my position again?”

I am so pathetic. I did not even think of asking about my position as long as someone was

willing to hire me.

The female employee was astounded upon hearing that. She looked at Elizabeth as though

looking at a fool. Then she looked at the document and answered, “Personal secretary of the


Her eyes widened even more right after she said that. She scrutinized the document again to

ensure she got the correct information. This woman before me only has a high school diploma.

How come she became the personal secretary to the CEO? Argh! I envy her so much! Mr. Hilton

is the Prince Charming of every girl in this company. Who wouldn’t want this position?

Elizabeth, too, was astonished upon hearing that. “What? Did I hear you correctly? Personal

secretary of the CEO?”

T-This means that I’m going to clean Matthew’s office and be at his beck and call again?

Why? Why on earth can’t I escape from him?

The female employee nodded. “Yes. You are incredibly lucky!”

With that, she rolled her eyes out of irritation. She then reminded Elizabeth, “You should be

in the company before eight tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

The female employee had already returned to her place after that, ignoring Elizabeth.

Elizabeth stood still and looked at the former as a strange feeling surged within her.

Nevertheless, she could not care less about that as long as she got the job.

Meanwhile, the manager came out. Seeing that Elizabeth was still there, he smiled and said,

“Elizabeth, welcome to our company.”

Elizabeth felt that the manager was a kind and approachable person. Therefore, she walked

over and asked, “I have a question. How much is my salary as the personal secretary of the


The manager smiled. “This is a special position. You might need to be on call twenty-four

seven. So, your salary is naturally higher. You will get thirty thousand per month.”

Elizabeth almost fainted upon hearing that. Thirty thousand? Oh my God! Is luck on my side

this time? But, isn’t the salary too much?


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