Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 82

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Neighbor Is Better Than Family

Elizabeth heard Celine slandering her in the most revolting way that she could.

Her eyes slowly dimmed while her neighbors came surrounding them one by one. They were

there to join in the commotion.

I don’t care what others think of me. But, how about my three children? What would the

others think of them? Perhaps they would think of them as illegitimate children?

Elizabeth was so angry that she clenched her fists. She felt an urge to go at Celine and beat.

her unconscious so that she could keep her mouth shut.

Celine became more arrogant when more and more people surrounded them.

“Everyone, please keep an eye on this minx. Her private life has been ugly since she was young. Think of your husbands and kids. If she seduces them, it will ruin your family.”

Cody could not stand the nonsense anymore. She rushed out and pointed at Celine as she retorted, “Shut up! Who do you think you are? Lizzy is a kind and beautiful girl. She is a good person. Everything you said is purely accusation without grounds.”

Elizabeth stood there as her body stiffened. She did not know how to explain herself.

Fortunately, Cody was there standing up for her.

Suddenly, Elizabeth gained the confidence and courage to throw herself at Celine. As there were bodyguards shielding Celine, Elizabeth failed to get near her.

“Celine, you are merely a mistress. You are not qualified to say such words in front of me.”

With that, Elizabeth launched herself at Celine again. However, the bodyguards stopped her.

Cody joined Elizabeth. It was just that her strength was no match for the bodyguards. She nearly fell when the bodyguard swung her arm away.

Elizabeth held Cody. “Ms. Elliott, are you okay?”

Seeing that Celine was so arogant, one of the neighbors roared, “To hell with it…”

Then the neighbors fought with the four bodyguards. Celine had never imagined that the neighbors would help Elizabeth. She was so afraid that she retreated a few steps behind.

Elizabeth went inside the courtyard and grabbed a broom before rushing out and hitting


Celine was too weak to counterattack. Her hair became a mess, and her clothes turned dirty. Elizabeth even injured Celine’s face.

Celine sat on the ground, crying, “Help! Please help me!”

After the ruckus, the four bodyguards ended up injured as well. In the end, they ran away with Celine.

Elizabeth felt she had let off steam when she saw how they ran away in a mess.

She had been thinking of an act of revenge all these years. It was just that she was incapable. She could barely make a living to raise her children, let alone get revenge. What happened that day allowed her to release the emotions bottled up within her over time.

Cody breathed heavily and chuckled.

“Lizzy, who on earth is she? She’s detestable!”

Cody could tell that Celine purposely came to slander Elizabeth. She’s really black-hearted.

Elizabeth felt somewhat exhausted. She held Cody as she replied with a smile, “She is my stepmother, the same person who forced my mom to run away from home.”


Cody nodded as she began to understand the situation. She’s a bad apple indeed!

The neighbors overheard their conversation. One by one, they comforted Elizabeth.

“Lizzy, don’t be afraid. If there’s anything in the future, call for us anytime.”

“Exactly. We know you well. I won’t trust what the woman said.”

“If she ever shows up again, we will beat her again.”

Upon hearing that, Elizabeth felt touched and grateful to the crowd.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

Elizabeth had been living in Snowy Barber for three years. She was an easy-going person and used to greet her neighbors whenever they met. As time passed, they would even gather and

chat with one another.

That was why Elizabeth was on good terms with her neighbors.

After Elizabeth returned home, she helped Cody wash the vegetables in the kitchen.

All of a sudden, a feeling surged within Elizabeth. My neighbors are way better than my family. They will at least believe me and interact with me sincerely. But how about my parents? Even Father and Grandpa did not believe me and felt that it was my fault.

She could not help but sigh. Even though what happened six years ago ruined her entire life, she did not regret giving birth to her three children. She swore to nurture her children well in the future and make them feel no different than other ordinary kids.



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