Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 83

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Secretary

The next day, Elizabeth departed from home early and took the subway to the office.

Born in a wealthy family, Elizabeth had never before taken public transportation back then.

However, after leaving the Wade family six years ago, she learned how to use the subway

and bus,

To save money, she rarely took a cab as it was expensive.

Boarding the packed subway, Elizabeth was slick with sweat by the time she arrived at the company at ten to eight. After clocking in, she headed to the CEO’s office, which was located on the top floor, and searched for the chief secretary.

The chief secretary had received news from the CEO the day before, so she had added a table in his office for his new personal secretary.

Leading the way to the CEO’s office, she pointed at the table that was situated at the


“You’ll be working here from now on.”

Elizabeth nodded. “Thank you, Ms. Johnson.”

Gracie Johnson took in Elizabeth’s attire and mused, She looks quite pretty, but she’s dressed quite plainly. This outfit is obviously an outdated piece. Despite that, she’s receiving treatment that has never been provided at the secretary’s office before.

She must be special to the CEO and might even be his wife in the future.

With that thought, she treated Elizabeth politely. “No worries about it. Feel free to approach me if you have any questions.”

Elizabeth found the employees of Hilton Group to be easygoing and friendly.

She moved to sit before her office desk, noting how it had a computer and phone atop it. Placing her mug down, she started to scan her surroundings.


Although Matthew’s office was spacious and brightly lit, it looked ascetic with white and

gray as its primary colors.

At a loss for what to do next, she decided to tidy up his office desk.

Just then, the door opened, and a man clad in a black coat entered. Noticing Elizabeth’s

presence when the man removed his coat, Esme held back from taking it and instructed, “Ms.

Wade, please hang the coat.”

Aware that it was her duty, Elizabeth took hold of the coat that Matthew had removed and

hung it on the rack.

Returning to her seat, she watched Matthew and was attracted by the majestic air that

surrounded him while he was assigning work to Esme.

She finally understood why it was often said that men exuded the most charm while.


As Esme passed by her desk while leaving, he smiled at her and remarked, “Ms. Wade, Mr.

Hilton has the habit of consuming a cup of black coffee every day before work.”

Realizing that Esme was reminding her discreetly, Elizabeth shot out of her seat.

“Oh, I’ll make one right away!”

She followed Esme out of the office, who took her on a tour around the CEO’s office. There

were two pantries, one of which was designated for the CEO only.

It contained everything that Matthew usually used, such as coffee and water, and they were

all branded items with exorbitant price tags.

Although Elizabeth was currently poor, she was familiar with most brands as she used to

come from a wealthy family.

While Esme was briefing her about Matthew’s preferences patiently, Elizabeth noted them down on her phone.

Considering how crucial her wage of thirty thousand was to her, she was determined to serve.


Matthew well.

Elizabeth brought the coffee to Matthew’s office and placed it on his desk.

“Mi. Hilton, I’ve added some milk to your coffee, as it’s better for your stomach.”

She was surprised to find that he usually did not add milk and sugar to his coffee. Not only

would it taste bitter that way, but it was also harmful to his stomach.


Dressed in a black suit with a white shirt inside and a dark blue tie, Matthew cut a glare at

“Elizabeth, do you know what the job of a personal secretary entails? You should be picking me up from my house in the morning and sending me home in the evening. You weren’t there this

morning, so I’m deducting your bonus


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