Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 84

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 84

Chapter 84 First Day Of Work At Hilton Group

Furrowing her brows, Elizabeth was bewildered that her wage would be deducted on her first

day of work.

However, hei eyes lit up as she chirped, “Bonus? So there’s a bonus every month?”

Staring at her surprised expression, Matthew mused, This girl is really a miser.

He then nodded. “Of course. Hilton Group has a policy concerning rewards and disciplinary


Upon hearing that, Elizabeth was nearly bursting with joy. So besides the wage of thirty

thousand, I’ll also have monthly bonuses and a year-end bonus! Sweet!

With that, she was intent on working at Hilton Group until the three children had grown up.

Meanwhile, Matthew did not utter a word despite taking a sip of coffee that contained milk.

As he gazed at her with his black eyes, the corners of his lips curled up at the jubilation on

her face.

“Mr. Hilton, I have no idea what my job scope is as it’s my first day of work. Can you please-

give me a second chance?”

Noting her sincere expression, Matthew arched his eyebrows in response.

“All right then. I’ll give you another chance.”

Elizabeth dashed to her desk to fetch a notebook before returning to him.

“Mr. Hilton, can you please tell me briefly what the job of a personal secretary entails? I’ll

make sure to cover every detail and accomplish them.”


For the sake of the high wage and a happy life for her and the children, she decided to go all

Matthew took another sip of the coffee that she made, finding it to his liking.

“Basically, a personal secretary deals with all my private matters. For example, my outfit,

food, and medications. You’ll have to be by my side during business socializations and follow the

driver in driving me around.”

Elizabeth dutifully jotted down everything he said. Although this sounds more like the job of a nanny, I shall be his nanny for the sake of the money.

As soon as Matthew finished explaining, he started working. From time to time, a manager would enter to report some work matters to him, which he listened to attentively and provided


Out of boredom, Elizabeth propped her chin up while watching him work and reprimand his employees. It felt like he was the main pillar of Hilton Group.

At noon, Elizabeth stepped up to his office desk. He was holding a cigar in one hand while the other hovered over the keyboard, typing quickly.

He had a two-hour meeting in the morning, after which he met the managers from all

departments. This process took over an hour.

His schedule is so tight! Then it makes sense that his time is worth millions. It seems fair.

“Mr. Hilton, would you like me to order you lunch, or are we going to the employees’


Matthew cast a glance at the time and realized that it was already a quarter past twelve.

Taking a puff of his cigarette, he responded, “We’ll go to the employees’ cafeteria.”

Since it was her first day of work, Matthew decided to show her around so that she could at

least familiarize herself with the cafeteria.

Elizabeth nodded. “Sure! I shall make a move first then. Take your time.”

As she turned around and prepared to leave, Matthew barked, “We’re going together.”

Although Elizabeth had intended to pretend that she did not hear him, it was ridiculous.

considering how loudly he had spoken.

Besides, he was her boss, the person paying her wage, so she had to abide by his decision.

“I thought that a CEO like you would be eating with the senior executives.”

Fiddling with his phone, Matthew strode toward her.

They then went to the spacious employees’ cafeteria on the second floor, where a long line

had already formed.

Once Elizabeth entered the cafeteria, she joined the queue.

However, Matthew did not follow her. Instead, he sauntered straight to the front and selected

his favorite foods. After that, he moved to sit near the window.

Elizabeth was the last one arriving at the cafeteria, so all the tables had been occupied by

the time she got her food.

She gripped her tray and looked around her. Most of the employees had friends and were

sitting together. Since she did not know anyone, she headed toward Matthew, crestfallen.



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