Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 87

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Announcing Her As His Fiancée

Elizabeth let out a deep sigh. Looks like he’s in a bad mood after he got rejected.

She received another message: It’ll still count toward your wage.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. Even if it didn’t, I would have no opinion either way.

Over the next week, Elizabeth came to work at the company every day. However, Matthew

was nowhere to be seen. She was very worried.

From time to time, Elizabeth would always find herself staring at his office table. The office

was very quiet without him. It felt like the CEO’s office was all hers now.

Just then, her phone rang. Matthew was calling her.

“Mr. Hilton,” she greeted.

Elizabeth had not seen Matthew in a week, and she did not receive ahy messages from him.

either. She was starting to doubt whether she actually knew him or not.

If I hadn’t been in his office every day of the week, I would have thought that I was

dreaming. As long as he doesn’t want to see me, I won’t get to see him anytime soon.

Matthew stated, “Go with the chauffeur to pick me up at the airport.”

He then hung up the phone just like that. He’s so heartless.

Elizabeth slowly got up and picked up her handbag. She went to the underground parking lot and saw the chauffeur idling by the car. He immediately snuffed out his cigarette upon noticing


“Ms. Wade,” he greeted.

Elizabeth responded, “Lany, we need to pick the CEO up at the airport.”

The chauffeur got into the car and started the engine, driving all the way to the airport.

Elizabeth entered the airport entrance. She stood there waiting for Matthew to show up.

After around twenty minutes, a group of people could be seen walking toward the exit.

Matthew, who was wearing all black and had a cold look on his face, was in front of the crowd.

He was walking in a fast-paced manner.

The people beside him were all wearing suits. They were the managers of the company. He

must’ve gone on a business trip the whole week. No wonder I haven’t seen him around. This also

explains why he didn’t answer any of my phone calls.

Elizabeth waved her hands at Matthew. She shouted, “Mr. Hilton! Over here!”

It was at that very moment that Tiana ran over to him.

She exclaimed, “Matthew! You’re back!”

Then, she held his hand and they walked out together.

Elizabeth slowly lowered her hands. She felt like she was only embarrassing herself just now.

He has his fiancée, while I’m just one of his secretaries. How could I even compare to her? I’m

so stupid. To think that I thought he’d be happy to see me come and pick him up.

Matthew gave Elizabeth a slight glance when he and Tiana were passing by.

“Ms. Wade, did you get the thing that I asked for?” he asked.

Elizabeth followed them from behind. She glanced at the box of desserts in her hand and

responded, “Yes, I bought it.”

Since she thought that Matthew was hungry, she selected his favorite flavors when she

bought the box of desserts.

They left the airport together. Matthew and Tiana got into the backseat of the cal, and

Elizabeth got into the front passenger seat.

As the car drove away from the airport, Tiana suddenly let out a harsh-sounding laugh from


She exclaimed, “Matthew! You were away for a whole week! I’ve missed you so much!”

Then, she leaned her head against Matthew and asked, “Can I stay at your home tonight?”

When Tiana said this, she glanced at the rear view minor in front of her and happened to

meet Elizabeth’s gaze.

Matthew did not respond. He seemed very tired as he leaned his back against the seat and

looked out the window with tired eyes.

He looked like he was thinking about something.

“Ms. Wade, please give Tia the desserts. She wanted to eat it. Hand it over to me,” he


Elizabeth tightened her grip on the box of desserts in her hands. She did not want to give it to

Tiana. After all, she bought it for Matthew.

With a smile on her face, Tiana exclaimed, “Elizabeth, give it to me now!”

Tiana was in a good mood today. When she received a phone call from Matthew saying her

wanted her to put up a show at the airport, she rushed over without hesitation. She also saw a

few people carrying cameras at the airport just now.

They were probably the paparazzi. Tiana and Matthew were definitely going to be on the

news soon. It was no wonder Tiana was in a good mood.

Matthew will soon announce me as his fiancée! I’ll become the envy of every woman in



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