Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 88

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 88

Chapter 88 The Explanation

Elizabeth refused to pass the box of desserts over. She did not want to give it to Tiana.

Therefore, she pretended not to hear her.

Of course, Tiana was aware of this. What is her problem?

She raised her foot and kicked Elizabeth’s seat. She shouted, “Elizabeth! Did you hear me?

Matthew bought those for me. You’re just his secretary!”


Tiana was sure that Elizabeth was allowed in Matthew’s house only because she was his


That’s all to it.

Even though Tiana was only acting, she still made Elizabeth feel uncomfortable.

Matthew did not seem quite happy when Tiana kicked Elizabeth’s seat just now. His gaze turned slightly colder.

But as he noticed that Elizabeth was angry, he asked, “Ms. Wade, I bought those desserts for

my grandpa. Can you give them to him?”

Hector had woken up. That was why Matthew asked Tiana to pick him up. They were currently headed toward the Hilton residence together.

Only then did Elizabeth understand. “Of course!” she replied.

She was happy with his explanation. I didn’t go through the trouble of buying these desserts.

just to hand them over to Tiana, after all.

After an hour and a half, the car finally arrived at the Hilton residence. It was parked inside the garage. The chauffeur opened the car door for Matthew.

Elizabeth got out of the car by herself. She was supposed to open the door for Tiana, but she didn’t want to. Hmph! I definitely won’t open the door for her.

Holding the box of desserts, Elizabeth walked over to Matthew. She gently shook the box in

front of him.

She asked, “If I give this to you, will you let me get off work?”

You brought your girlfriend back to your own home. I have the right to go home and be with my kids too, you know?

Matthew noticed that Elizabeth had an upset expression on her face. I haven’t seen her for a whole week, and I missed her every single day I was away. That was the reason why I called her to pick me up at the airport. So, why does she have that look on her face now?

Matthew frowned slightly at Elizabeth, who looked like she did not want to see him.

He asked, “Ms. Wade, are you planning to change jobs or something?”

Upon hearing this, Elizabeth quickly put on a smile and coaxed him by saying, “Mr. Hilton, I think I can do this job just fine. What do you want me to do? Please tell me.”


Of course, what she was truly feeling was different from what she said just now. You’re being so petty! Is it because you don’t like the fact that my salary is high? Is that why you’re so eager to fire me?

Matthew saw Elizabeth forcing a smile, which made her petite face look much more pleasing to the eye.

He lifted his head up and stated, “My grandpa woke up today. This is something worth celebrating. Because of that, my grandma asked if you could stay for dinner.”

Elizabeth knew that Hector had been sick for many years. Since he was all better now, it definitely was something worth celebrating.

Hence, she nodded her head. “Of course!”

Meanwhile, Tiana was still waiting for someone to open the car door for her. She waited and waited, but not even the chauffeur opened the door for her.

After a long while, she was forced to push open the door by herself. When she got out of the cai, she roared angrily at Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth! Why didn’t you open the door for me?” she shouted.

This is something that a secretary is supposed to do, you know? I’m your boss’ girlfriend. You

have to treat me well.

Elizabeth glared at her. With a cold expression on her face, she replied, “I’m sorry, Tiana. I

was busy with the work that Mr. Hilton assigned to me earlier. Aren’t you able to open the door

by yourself? Or do you have no arms?”

Those words angered Tiana so much that she wanted to retaliate.

Elizabeth furrowed her eyebrows in annoyance. She announced, “Mr. Hilton, I’ll go see Old

Mrs. Hilton now.”

After saying that, she proceeded to cany the box of desserts into the house.

Tiana’s eyes widened in shock. She immediately walked over to Matthew and exclaimed,

“Matthew, just look at her! She doesn’t even act like a secretary!”

Matthew calmly glanced at her. “Just play your part according to our agreement. Don’t worry

about anything else.”

After he said that, he proceeded to walk up the stairs briskly.



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