Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 90

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Having A Child

The moment Matthew left, Tiana crossed her arms and sneered, “Don’t you think it’s shameless that a secretary like you is staying in your employer’s home to have a meal,


Her holier than thou attitude was accompanied by a prideful lift of her chin.

Elizabeth was indifferent to that comment and continued to drink her coffee. “The coffee that

Mr. Hilton personally poured for me tastes good.”

If I told you I kissed your man earlier, I bet you’d be super pissed off! But, I’m not going to say it to your face. After all, I’m not Celine, and I don’t want to come off as a mistress. I’m not

that kind of


Thinking of that, Elizabeth pursed her lips.

Her words struck Tiana where it hurt the most. After all, Matthew did personally pour a cup

of coffee for Elizabeth and not for her.

She stared at Elizabeth furiously and silently.

Inside the bedroom, Hector had indeed pissed himself. So, the housekeeper and nurse helper him to change his pants.

Chelsea was sitting at the side and thinking about how cute Elizabeth looked when she

spoke to her.

Matthew grinned when he entered the bedroom. “So, you did piss yourself, Grandpa?”

That caused Hector to stare wide-eyed at his grandson as his expression soured a little.

Some words were barely able to be squeezed out of his mouth. “Great… grand… child…”

He then proceeded to wave his arm in an anxious manner.

Matthew and Chelsea exchanged a look. It would appear that the old man was urging his grandson to give him a great-grandchild as soon as he could.


The young man’s eyebrows were furrowed even tighter as his grandfather reminded him of

Having a child with a woman he didn’t like was the last thing he wanted, but telling hist

grandfather that would only infuriate the old man. If Hector had insomnia or died from the anger

that he caused, he would be considered an unfilial grandson. Therefore, he was in a dilemma.

Chelsea was worried Matthew would say something that would piss her husband off, so she

spoke first. “Matt knows that. He’ll give you a great-grandchild after he’s married.”

Hector began acting out strangely when he heard that. He began to push everything on the

bedside table away.

“Don’t throw a temper tantrum. I’ll keep an eye on your grandson and urge him to have a

child soon,” she said as she pointed.

Matthew felt like he shouldn’t have stepped into the room and caused his grandfather to get

so agitated. It wasn’t great for the old man’s health. “I’ll be leaving now, Grandma. I’ll be back in

a few days to check on Grandpa.”

Chelsea knew her grandchild was in a bit of a pickle because he liked Elizabeth while her

husband wanted him to marry the daughter of the Wade family.

Hector was a stubborn man, so it was the right choice for Matthew to leave first to prevent.

the old man from getting too angry.

It was a shame that the celebration that was supposed to happen wasn’t going to happen.

After Matthew walked out of the bedroom with both his hands in his pockets, he said lazily,

“The chauffeur is waiting outside for you, Tiana. He’ll take you home.”

Tiana stood up swiftly. “Aren’t we going to have dinner? Was it called off?”

She hadn’t even gotten the chance to speak with Hector.

Matthew coldly declared, “I’m not going to repeat myself.”

Tiana bit her lip and grabbed her bag. It was the latest limited-edition bag. Leaving was the

last thing she wanted, but she couldn’t go against his words.

So, she left obediently.

Once she was gone, Matthew approached Elizabeth, held her hand, and kissed her.

Elizabeth pulled her hand back. “What’s wrong with you, Matthew?”

Her eyebrows funowed. Why does he keep trying to kiss me? I already said I don’t want to

be a mistress. Is he deaf?

He pulled her along. “Come on. If my Grandpa sees me again, he’ll get pissed off.”

She allowed him to pull her as she stumbled outside of the building. He was much taller than her, so she needed to step forward twice for every step he took.

Once he stuffed her into the car, he went in as well and instructed the chauffeur, “Head to Snowy Barber.”


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