Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 91

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Did You Miss Me

The car slowly left the Hilton residence as Elizabeth stared at the large manor. The first time she arrived at the Hilton residence, she was shocked by the family’s opulence.

She was the daughter of a pretty rich family, so she thought she was used to opulence.

But the Hilton residence was so incredibly massive that the Wade residence could never be compared to it.

Staring out of the window, she saw the flowers in the gardens blooming. Just a glance at the fresh flowers in winter was enough for her to know it was Chelsea’s style.

She smiled. Old Mrs. Hilton is such a romantic. She sure knows how to enjoy life.

Matthew was leaning on his seat and tapping his slim fingers on the armrest when he abruptly asked, “Has your family eaten yet at this hour?”

He was going to have a meal at her place, but since there were three children there, perhaps meal time was already over.

She glanced at her watch. It’s already half-past seven. They definitely have already eaten.

“Yep.” A plain response was squeezed out of her mouth.

Matthew relayed another order to the chauffeur. “Go to Platinum Plate.”

“Will do, Mr. Hilton,” the chauffeur replied.

Matthew suddenly closed his eyes. “My head’s aching. Ms. Wade, give me a massage.”

Elizabeth turned around and saw him leaning against his seat. His furrowed eyebrows clearly expressed his exhaustion.

He returned to the Hilton residence pretty much immediately after getting off of the plane. She didn’t know how long he was on the plane or where he returned from, but it wasn’t out of the

ordinary for him to be tired.

Seeing how she still wasn’t moving, he spoke without prompting. “I flew out from Baykeep.

It’s been three days since I last slept, and I was on the plane for more than ten hours. My head is

really aching.”

She thought about the high pay she was getting from him and relented.

He worked very hard for Hilton Group, and she was part of the company. So, naturally, she

should help lighten the CEO’s burden.

She turned around, half-kneeling on the car seat, and massaged his head.

It was then he suddenly hugged her and put her between his legs.

That shocked her so much that she was about to leap away, but when she saw him hugging

her, her grip loosened and she even closed her eyes.

It was easier for her to give him a massage from that position.

Instead of jumping away, she began to give him a massage.


All Matthew could smell at that moment was her sweet scent. It had been a week since he

last saw her, so he breathed in her scent as though he was addicted to it.

Whenever he was tired or annoyed, a sniff of her scent or a short conversation with her

would be enough to lift his mood up and energize him.

Suddenly, he pulled her into his embrace. Elizabeth wanted to get away, but he refused to let

her go as he pressed on her delicate face. “Don’t move.”

She felt like she was going crazy. This guy keeps taking advantage of me! I wish I can scold.

him, but I can’t do that if I want to keep my job.

Matthew buried his head in her neck. It made him feel peaceful and calm.

“Did you miss me for the past few days, Elizabeth?” He missed her so much that he thought.

he was going crazy.

Before he met her, he had never missed someone, especially a woman, that badly before,

He was a little unhappy because he didn’t want to fall that hard for her.

She didn’t have the nerve to move. All she did was sit there, calmly, and listened to his

heartbeat while formulating a response that wouldn’t piss him off.

“I was worried about you every day you weren’t in the company.” It was a response that she

hoped he would interpret as her simply worrying about his well being and safety for the sake of

the company.

Matthew smiled. I guess it’s impossible to make her say that she misses me, but her saying

she’s worried about me isn’t too bad either.

His grip tightened as he let out a long sigh. “My grandfather wants me to marry Tiana.”


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