Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 92

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Blind Date

Elizabeth could tell Matthew didn’t sound like he wanted it to happen.

She’s not saying anything? Well, I guess I can’t blame her. This is my personal matter, after

all, and she’s just a secretary.

He felt she was being pretty well-behaved at that moment. However, her silence reminded

him of the time when he asked her to be his girlfriend, only for her to reject him.

It bothered him that she didn’t seem to understand his feelings at all.

The car stopped at the parking lot of Platinum Plate before the chauffeur opened the doors,

for them.

The two of them got off the car. Matthew walked in the front while Elizabeth followed


They entered a private room that was meant for two people.

He ordered the dishes while she went to the restroom.

When she walked out of the restroom and washed her hands at the sink, she heard someone

calling out to her.

“Lizzy…” A warm, gentle voice was heard behind her. She glanced at the mirror and saw Dominic standing at the side. There was a brush of drunken red on his cheeks as he smiled.

She wiped her hands with a piece of tissue. “Are you here to socialize, Dominic?”

Platinum Plate’s dishes were quite famous and tasty. The place was also restricted to members only, so normal people couldn’t even enter.

Dominic grabbed her arm. “I’m having a meal with my family right now. Let’s go meet


Before Elizabeth could react, she was dragged into a nearby private room with a big round table in the middle. There were children and adults there.

All of them turned their attention to them. Shelby, Dominic’s mother, had a change of expression when she saw him pulling Elizabeth along before she approached them.

“Why did you bring her here, Dom?” Shelby was wearing a green gown. There was an air of grace around her. Her face had delicate makeup applied to it, while her neck and ears were adorned with expensive jewelry.

Dominic smiled. “I’ve brought Lizzy here to meet you all.”

Elizabeth was feeling a little awkward since Shelby had approached her before. The older

woman gave

her money in order to make her stay far away from Dominic.

She didn’t take the check, but she did say she would do what Shelby asked of her.

Appearing in front of Shelby like that made her look like she was going back against her


So, she explained, “I’m only here for a meal, Mrs. Campbell. I met him at the restroom, and I think he’s drunk right now.”

She tried to withdraw her hand, but he refused to let

He stared intently at her with a smile. “I won’t let you go, Lizzy.”

Seeing how the situation was getting out of control, Shelby decided to introduce the people.

inside the room. “Lizzy, Dom and Ms. Perkins are about to get engaged right now. The parents from both families are meeting here today.”

When Elizabeth turned her attention toward the room, she saw a pretty young woman in at

white dress sitting at the side. The young woman was staring straight at her.

It was then she realized it was a blind date. That’s why he’s so drunk and acting out of

control right now.

A serious man abruptly acting like that did make her quite dumbfounded.

She quickly patted his hand. “Let go of me, Dominic. My friend is waiting for me.”

If she stayed any longer and ruined Dominic’s blind date, Shelby would definitely hate her to

the bone.

Yet, he still refused to let her go. He was staring at her like a predator staring at its prey.

“Lizzy, the person I want to many is

Before he could finish, a firm and toned arm grabbed Elizabeth.

“Why are you here, Elizabeth? The dishes have arrived.” The tall, handsome man with a dark

expression spoke coldly before sweeping his gaze across the room.


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