Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 93

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Sick Daughter

The two middle-aged men sitting at the table stood up and approached Matthew. “What a

coincidence, Mr. Hilton! How about you join us?”

Dominic stared at the woman in Matthew’s embrace when he realized he wasn’t holding her

hand anymore. He was a little pissed off and wanted to pull her back.

Shelby held him back and whispered, “Ms. Perkins is still here right now, Dom. Don’t

embarrass her. A woman who had given birth before doesn’t deserve to be with you.”

Dominic’s father, Saul Campbell, and Fatma Perkins’ father, Tommy Perkins, approached


They shook Matthew’s hand before handing him their cards.

Matthew was holding Elizabeth with one of his hands while he used the other to shake two

middle aged men’s hands and accept their cards.

“I’ll take my leave now. Sorry for disturbing you all.” He led her out of the room as the two

middle aged men sent them out.

Shelby added, “Did you see that, Dom? She’s hooking up with Matthew right now, and that

means she’s not as simple as she looks. Don’t let her innocent appearance fool you. She’s a


If she hadn’t approached Elizabeth a couple of times before and “convinced” her to leave

Dominic with money, then her son would’ve been the one getting in trouble.

She would never allow a woman like Elizabeth to marry her son and make him raise another

man’s children.

Dominic’s expression darkened as he stared at his mother coldly. “If you want a perfect

marriage, go do it yourself.”

Then he pushed away her hand before leaving the room.

The two middle-aged men had just returned to the room.

Saul asked, “Where are you going, Dom?”

Instead of replying, Dominic left.

Shelby shook her head. I know he’s upset and couldn’t let it go, but he has to realize that he

can never marry Elizabeth in this life. I won’t agree to it, and neither will the rest of the Campbell


Elizabeth was led out of the private room by Matthew before they returned to their own

private room.

She sat down quietly and drank her coffee.

He was a little ticked off by how sad she looked. “What? Do you feel awful seeing him going

on blind dates?”

She did make a sweater for Dominic before, but that had become Matthew’s. It didn’t matter

who she made the sweater for in the past because it became his in the end.

At that moment, he was wearing it underneath his suit. It was quite warm.

She raised her head and looked at him. “No. It’s a good thing that Dominic can find


It was never a desire of hers to stay with or marry Dominic.

She didn’t want to drag him down with her status and her children.

Besides, she was well aware of his family’s attitude toward her. A mariage between the two

of them wouldn’t be a happy one, and she didn’t want that.

Matthew was still a little skeptical as he put some food onto her plate. “Eat. The food’s

getting cold.”

It took them more than an hour to finish their meal. Elizabeth noticed he had quite a large

appetite, possibly because he was rather hungry.

When dinner was over, it was already ten at night. She wanted to go back home badly, but

he dragged her back into the car because he said he wanted to admire the stars.


As his personal secretary, she had no choice but to obey him like a housekeeper.

The stare he gave her once they were in the vehicle made her uncomfortable.

“I said I’ll accompany you already, so can you please stop staring at me like that?” Elizabeth shifted her line of sight away.

Matthew coldly sneered, “You aren’t allowed to think about other men when you’re around

  1. Do you understand, Elizabeth?”



His voice indicated it was an order that wasn’t up for debate.

She felt he was being a tyrant.

Still, the

pay he gave her was just way too high for her to walk away, so all she could do was

At that moment, her phone rang. She took it out of her bag and looked at who was calling

Arthur was the one calling her. He probably called her to ask her to come home, since it was

getting pretty late already.

When she answered the phone, he immediately said, “Mommy, Abby’s having a fever. Her

temperature is at thirty-nine degrees Celsius right now. We’re sending her to the hospital. Come back quickly.


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