Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 94

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Too Strange

Elizabeth panicked when she heard that. Abby was pretty weak, so she would get sick.


She replied, “All right. I’ll go there right away.”

After ending the call, she spoke to the chauffeur in a hurry. “Please send us to the pediatric

hospital right now.”

The chauffeur glanced at his employer through the rearview window and waited.

Matthew stared at her panicked expression and ordered, “Go to the pediatric hospital now.”

The chauffeur nodded and quickly changed the destination he was driving to.

Matthew asked, “What’s wrong? Who’s sick?”

He guessed it must be one of the children who had gotten sick. The last time he was in the

hospital, he saw her sending Abby there while her two other children followed her. It must’ve

been hard for her.

Tears were welling in her eyes as she stared straight ahead, as though she wished she could

fly to the hospital immediately. “It’s Abby. She’s having a fever. Thirty nine degrees Celsius. The

last time she had a fever, it caused her to convulse. I hope she’s okay right now.”

Her hands were tightly gripping each other as she wished she was already by her daughter’s




Matthew pulled out his phone and made a call. “Hello, Director Stone. A child of

is currently in your hospital right now. Please take good care of her. Her name is Abby Wade.

Yep. Thank you!”

When the call ended, he hugged her and comforted, “Don’t worry. The hospital will do its

best to take care of her.”

Elizabeth was so worried that she didn’t hear him making a call or anything that he was

saying at the moment. Worry filled her eyes as she wanted nothing more than to be in the


hospital right away.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the hospital.

She immediately rushed out of the car and into the building. Matthew placed his hand on hist

forehead. She’ll act like a headless chicken whenever she hears that her child is sick.

He quickened his steps, pulled her into his embrace, and prevented her from leaving.

“Go back, Matthew. The hospital is really noisy, and I need to wait in line to give her a

check-up as well as an injection among other things. It’s quite troublesome. We can go back on

our own afterward.” She thought he wanted to wait for them so he could drive them back.

He kept hugging her to prevent her from running away. It’s not like the kid is in grave danger

or anything. Isn’t a fever normal? Why is she so worried and anxious right now?

“I know where they are, Elizabeth. Follow me.” He wasn’t going to let her run around


Even though it was already eleven at night, the hospital was surprisingly lively. The reason

was that the weather lately had suddenly become much colder, and that caused a lot of children.

to get sick.

The line to take a number and get medicine was long.

There were children crying and adults talking. It was very noisy.

Matthew took her to an elevator that was exclusively used by doctors and arrived at the

thirteenth floor before going into a VIP ward.

When they entered, they saw Abby getting a drip on the bed.

Elizabeth ran out of his embrace and asked, “How’s Abby? Did she convulse? Is her brain.

going to be fine?”

The two boys were sitting on the couch when they saw her rushing into the room and

touching Abby’s head.


Arthur spoke up. “Don’t worry, Mommy. Abby is just having the flu. She’ll be fine in a few

days after getting an injection.”

Antony stared at the man walking into the room and said, “Thank you, Mr. Hilton!”

If not for him, all of them would still be waiting in a line trying to get their number and their

sister would certainly not be able to get her treatment that quickly.

Cody wore a confused expression as she explained what happened to Elizabeth. “We

encountered the strangest thing earlier, Lizzy. When we were waiting in line, an announcement

suddenly mentioned Abby’s name. I told the nurse that Abby was with us before we were

immediately taken here.”


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