Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 95

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Not Easy Being A Mother

“A few doctors even came to treat Abby with a great attitude. They didn’t make us un

around doing different examinations either. They just let Abby sleep there as they did it. It saved

a lot of time and effort,” Cody explained.

Elizabeth touched Abby’s forehead. Her daughter still had the fever, but it wasn’t scarily hot.


She understood what had happened after listening to Cody’s explanation.

A VIP ward wasn’t something a normal person could ask for, and she didn’t have that much

money to let Abby stay in one either.

She then said, “Take Antony and Arthur back first, Cody. It’s too late. They need to rest.”

When she turned around, she saw her two sons talking to Matthew and giving him at


The last time he went to their place, the two boys gave him a bad attitude and even made

him drunk. However, their attitude toward him changed that day. It was probably because both of

them could tell he was the reason their sister got the treatment she needed quickly.

Cody greeted, “You’re here too, Mr. Hilton.”

With him around, she could be more at ease. There’s finally a man here. Now, there’s no

need to worry about visiting the hospital during the night.

Matthew nodded. “The chauffeur is waiting downstairs, Cody. You all head back first. Once

Abby’s drip is finished, I’ll send them back.”

She nodded with a smile. “All right. We’ll take our leave now.”

Antony and Arthur made an encouraging gesture for Elizabeth to see. It confounded her


When Cody and the two boys left, the room became silent. Abby had been sleeping soundly. There wasn’t any sign of distress in her expression.


Elizabeth stared at Matthew and thanked him, “Thank you for helping out tonight, Mr.


He sat beside the bed and gently touched Abby’s cute cheek. “She gets sick often?”

She nodded. “When she was born, her weight was much lighter compared to her brothers’.

She cries a lot, so it’s hard to take care of her. Ever since she was boin, she would easily get sick. Her condition scared me half to death a couple of times. That’s why I always get very nervous

when I hear that she’s sick.”

“I see.” He smiled plainly. “What about the children’s father?”

Even if they weren’t together, he believed that the father should at leave give her child

support. What kind of man makes a woman raise three children by herself without giving her any


Elizabeth shook her head. “They have no father.”

She didn’t want to say much because she couldn’t tell what was real and what was a dream. during her pregnancy.

Even if she knew it was real at that moment, where was the man who impregnated her?

If the man wanted to take responsibility, he would’ve shown up by now. Therefore, there was

no point in looking for the father.

She believed the father must’ve been a scumbag who took advantage of her, so he wouldn’t take responsibility even if she found him.

Besides, it was something done by Tiana and her mother. There was no way they would’ve arranged for a nice man to impregnate her.

Matthew could tell she didn’t want to mention the father, so he didn’t ask further..

After a while, a doctor visited them and reported Abby’s condition to the two adults. It was indeed just the flu. So, two or three days’ worth of drips would be enough for the child to



Once the doctor left, the room fell into silence once more.

Elizabeth suddenly recalled the time. It was almost midnight already. When the drip finished,

it would’ve been way past that. She was too embarassed to let him wait for them. “There’s still

three bottles of drips left, Mr. Hilton. You should return first!”

Her gaze was fixed on him. You’re always so busy, after all. I can’t pay you back any more

money if you ask me to.

“No matter what happens in the future, you can come and find me if you need help. I’ll be

there.” Matthew stared at her tired face. It’s not easy being a mother.


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