Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 96

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Daddy

Elizabeth smiled when she heard that. “You’re already a great help tonight, Mr. Hilton. Thank


Matthew had no intention of leaving. He slumped on the couch and stared intently at her.

“Just remember my good side.”

She raised her eyebrow slightly with unease. Is he trying to make me pay again? I can’t just

chase him away either. After all, I’m depending on him to make a living. If I disobey him, he cant

just fire me, and I’ll lose my job.

After adjusting the blanket on Abby, she sat on the chair next to the bed and stared at the

little girl.

He, in turn, stared at her. Silence befell the room.

When Abby’s drip finished, it was already two in the morning. Elizabeth yawned and pressed

the bell.

Soon, a nurse arrived in the room. She blushed when she saw the man sitting on the couch.

A man as handsome as him would make any woman blush at the sight of him.

She pulled out the needle and handed the medicine to Elizabeth. “This is Abby’s medicine.

Consume one after meal three times a day.”

Elizabeth grabbed it and said, “Thanks. Do we need to come over tomorrow to get an


“Yes. Three consecutive days of injections are required.”

“All right.” Elizabeth nodded.

The nurse still stared at the handsome man on the couch as she walked out of the 100m


Elizabeth put the medicine into her bag and went to carry Abby.


Suddenly, a big hand grabbed her wrist.

“I’ll carry her,” Matthew offered.

She turned to him. “It’s fine. I cany her all the time. She’s quite heavy.”

It was too embarassing for her to let him carry her daughter. Abby wasn’t that heavy, but

continuously carrying her was tiring.

She had gotten used to it as a mother. Besides, Abby was a quite volatile child who didn’t

like to walk.

“I can carry you with her in your arms.” He smirked before pinching her waist gently. “Do

you want to give it a try?”

He wasn’t going to let her doubt his strength.

That actually made Elizabeth blush. What is he saying? Oh god, I can already imagine him.

doing it. It’s so embarrassing. I’m not a child!

“No need! I know you’re strong, okay?” A tinge of red was still present on her pale cheeks.

Matthew found her to be even cuter when she blushed.

When he tried to hug Abby, she moved and muttered, “Daddy…”

His lips curved upward when he heard that. If my child is this big already, they’ll probably

call me like that tool

Elizabeth felt like crying when she heard that.

Even though her children had never mentioned wanting to find their father, they would think.

about him when she was sick.

The saddest part of it all was the fact that she didn’t know where their father was.

She didn’t even know what he looked like. It made her feel she was a failure as a mother.

She covered Abby’s body with the small blanket on the bed. It was probably something that Cody brought along when they arrived at the hospital.


The girl suddenly opened her eyes and stared wide-eyed at him before hugging his heck.

“Daddy, please don’t leave me, okay?” Abby cried after she finished speaking.

After a while, she slept again.

Elizabeth paused for a bit before she patted her daughter’s back. “Be good, Abby. Just sleep.

We’re about to arrive back home.”

She believed her daughter would have an easier time sleeping if her daughter heard her


When Matthew saw Elizabeth’s eyes were getting red, he carried the girl with one arm before putting his other free arm around Elizabeth’s shoulder.


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