Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 98

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Sleeping Together

Elizabeth had to swallow some saliva so that she would feel better. Just as Matthew’s lips.

were about to touch hers, she panickily pushed him away. “Go and wash up now, Matthew. I’ll

use the restroom outside.”

The house she lived in was an old-fashioned one, so there was a restroom outside that she

could use to wash her face.

Matthew licked his lips disappointingly. It’s a shame I can’t get a kiss, but I’m fine with

looking at her blushing face.

He then walked into the bathroom without delay.

After she cleaned herself, she returned to the bedroom and saw he was already sleeping on

the floor. He must be really tired.

The next day, the two adults woke up at nine in the morning.

“Ah!” she exclaimed when she saw the time before turning to look at the man sleeping on

the floor.


He was woken up by her shouting and pressed his palm to his forehead. “What time is it?”

Six in the morning was usually the time he woke up, so he was a little surprised to see

sunlight already pouring through the window.

“It’s already nine o’clock, Mi. Hilton. We’re going to be late!”

“It’s fine. I won’t deduct your pay.” Matthew sat up slowly.

Abby sat up, stared at him with her big, round eyes, and smiled. “You were sleeping with us,

Mr. Handsome!”


When she smiled brightly, two dimples could be seen on her cheeks.

He smiled and greeted, “Morning, Abby!”

His magnetic voice was pleasant to the ear in the morning.

Abby pouted. “Your voice feels nice to listen to, Mr. Handsome. I had a dream last night. My


She quickly covered her mouth and glanced at Elizabeth when she said that. I almost said it

out loud. I hope Mommy didn’t hear it!

Her brothers told her to never mention their father in front of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth did hear it, and she knew her children didn’t want to mention it in front of her

because they didn’t want her to be upset.

She got off the bed and exited the room.

Matthew could tell she was doing it on purpose. “You dreamed about your daddy?”

Abby nodded. “That’s right! He looked exactly like you, and he even hugged me! He hugged

me with only one arm, so he must be really strong.”

She had never experienced that before, so just talking about it made her feel all nice and


He patted her head with his slim fingers. “Good girl!”

The girl lay on the bed and watched the two adults enter and exit the bathroom before.

dressing up.

The house was just going to be occupied by Cody and her again once Elizabeth and Matthew

left for work.

Elizabeth spoke as she wrapped a scarf around her daughter. “We’ll take you to the hospital

at noon lato so that you can get your injection.”

“I don’t want to get an injection! The needle hurts!” Abby grumbled.

Elizabeth wasn’t going to argue about it with her since the injection must be done anyway.

She then walked out of the bedroom with Matthew and descended the stairs. Since the

staircase was quite narrow, one had to walk in front while the other at the back.


Cody thought they looked like a couple preparing to head to work. “Have some breakfast before you leave, Mr. Hilton, Lizzy.”

Elizabeth also hoped Matthew would eat breakfast before leaving since it was her fault that

he woke



He raised his left hand and glanced at his expensive watch. “I’m afraid I can’t. There’s a

meeting at half-past ten that I need to attend.”

It was already a quarter past nine, and there would undoubtedly be traffic on the way. So, if he set off right away, he would still make it to the meeting on time.

Since his car wasn’t around, she took out her keys and drove the small car he didn’t want to the company.

He sat in the passenger seat while she drove all the way to the company.

Looking at his phone, he noticed he had a lot of missed calls. So, he called Esme.

“You finally picked up the phone. Something big happened. Did you see the news?”



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