Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 99

Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Mrs Hilton

Matthew had just woken up from his sleep and did not have time to read the news.

“Just get to the point,” he said impatiently.

Esme frowned as he replied, “Mr. Hilton, I’ve blocked the media personnel from releasing the

photos of

you and Ms. Tiana that she requested the paparazzi to take. However, the picture of

you carrying the child and hugging Elizabeth yesterday night was everywhere on the internet. It


gone viral online.”

It was late at night, and Matthew had not had time to settle it.

Immediately after the photo was up online, it shot straight to the top trending search on


By the time he realized it, it was too late because the picture had been forwarded many

times. There was no way he could overturn the situation.

Matthew said, “All right.”

After his voice fell, he hung up the phone. Then, he scrolled through the entertainment news

and saw a picture of him carrying Abby in his arms. He was wrapping his hand around

Elizabeth’s body in that photo while coming out of the hospital.

It was quite a clear image. Hmm, not bad! We do look like a family!

A headline wrote: Matthew Hilton left the hospital in the deep of the night. The girl in his

arms resembles him. What a happy family!

This photo was scattered randomly in many online articles. Then, Matthew casually scrolled

down to the comment section.

Tiger wrote: Is Matthew married? The woman beside him is beautiful, and the girl looks

adorable. I wish you happiness!

Lionized typed: Is she Mr. Hilton’s daughter? They look alike!

Greeny commented: I can tell that Matthew is the girl’s father by looking at their faces! She

bears a remarkable resemblance to Matthew!

Matthew exited Twitter instantly. Ha! How does Abby resemble me?

A smile then escaped his mouth as he thought of that. Every netizen seemed to have lost

their stance and followed the trend blindly.

Elizabeth drove carefully, and they finally arrived at the office an hour later. After parking her

car, Elizabeth and Matthew entered the elevator and appeared together at the CEO’s office.

The employees in the office turned around and realized something in an instant.

They finally understood the reason behind Matthew hiring a personal secretary. Ah! It’s her!

She’s the one who has given birth to his daughter!

They could not help but look at Elizabeth curiously. How lucky she is that she can have Mr.

Hilton’s baby!

Elizabeth did not know anything about the buzz online. The netizens now considered them at



Sensing that everyone’s gaze was on her, she subconsciously raised her hand and waved at

“Good morning, everyone!”

At that moment, everyone in the office stood up and greeted, “Good morning, Mr. Hilton and

Mrs. Hilton!”

Matthew smiled as he figured out what was going on. It looked like they had taken the news

very seriously.

Elizabeth was dumbstruck upon hearing them. Where is Mrs. Hilton?

Confused, she turned around and saw no sign of the woman who represented Matthew’s

wife. She was still puzzled by their manners.


However, she cleared her mind immediately and headed to the CEO’s office. Placing her bag

on the chait, she strode toward the pantry, wanting to brew Matthew some coffee.

She would like to get him something to eat first before his meeting.

There were desserts in the fridge in the pantry. Looking at the sweet course, she picked a

piece that would suit his taste and grabbed the coffee before entering Matthew’s office.

“Have something to eat first, Mr. Hilton.”

They had more than ten minutes before the meeting started. The snacks that she brought

could help ease his hunger.

Matthew, who was reading the meeting agenda, glanced at the coffee and the piece of bread before grabbing the cup and taking a sip.

Sitting opposite him, Elizabeth stared at him and wanted to remind him to consume the bread

first before the coffee. Otherwise, he would have stomachache later,

She wanted to express her thought but was afraid to.

At that moment, Matthew’s phone rang.

“What’s the matter, Grandma?”

It was unusual for Chelsea to call Matthew at this time.


“Matt, your grandpa has seen the trending news this morning. He is extremely excited now, and he keeps pointing at the television! Why don’t you come home and explain it to him? He

doesn’t want to listen to me.”


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