Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 100

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 100

Chapter 100

The butler followed behind. Theo’s steady footsteps made it impossible to tell his true age.

Natalie was not the only one who was stunned. He did not expect Theo to send her off personally. However, Natalie quickly walked over. “Mr. Wilson, why are you here?”

Then thought that the child was very considerate, even calling him Mr. Wilson, He said, “I will see you off. If you need. anything over there, please give me a call, okay? You are still my granddaughter.”

Natalie was deeply moved, and her heartstrings were touched by the fact that such an elderly man had come to see her off. “I understand, thank you, Mr. Wilson.”

Theo’s eyes were filled with reluctance. “Silly child, you’re my granddaughter. How can I not dote on you? You have to take good care of yourself when you’re out, understand? You can’t save money.”

He then handed her a card and held onto her hand. “I didn’t buy anything for you, and I don’t know what little girls like nowadays. Keep this for future use and don’t give it back to me, or else you’ll be rejecting me and distancing yourself from


Natalie held the card, feeling hesitant about whether or not to accept it. Sherri also found it difficult to make a decision.

Edward was surprised when he saw Theo calling Natalie. After all, Theo was a well-known ligure, and he wondered why he would show such warmth and concern towards Natalie, even going as far as to give her a card and see her off at the airport.

He looked at Sherri. He felt that the two of them were hiding something from him. Sherri was frightened by his gaze. She lowered her head and looked at her feet, stepping on them from time to time.

She looked like a child who had made a mistake and was hiding. This made him even more certain that he had guessed correctly

After careful consideration. Natalie decided not to accept the card. She leaned close to Theo’s car and whispered, “Grandpa, please keep this card for now. I have plenty of money with me right now. You can’t tell anyone about it. If you give me more, I’m afraid it won’t be safe for me outside, and someone might take advantage of me

Theo smiled. How could he not know that this girl was using different methods to reject him? He did not want to make things difficult for her, but in the end, he agreed. “Alright, Ill help you keep it. If you don’t have money, call me. I have nothing else but money.”

Sherri chuckled. “Mr. Wilson, you look like a domineering CEO now”

Theo was also amused. “Do P Haha, I think so. If I were 10 years younger, I wouldn’t have anything to do with that brat from my family.”

At that moment, Natalie was certain that Trevon’s self-confidence was inherited from Theo.

Unknowingly, it was time to board the plane.

The two of them said goodbye again and waved

Edward stared at their backs, lost in thought. Was this goodbye really going to be forever?

Theo, on the other hand, was leaning on his walking stick. His eyes were filled with tears as he cursed his useless grandson in

his heart.

The butler glanced at Theo next to him and stooped down to tell Theo, “Don’t be sad, sir. Mrs. Wilson is just going to study, and that’s a good thing.”

Although his voice was very soft, Edward still heard the words ‘Mrs. Wilson. His body subconsciously staggered, and his heart felt like it was being grabbed by a hand. The pain suffocated him, and it extended to his bones.

The Landor family and the Wilson family had little interaction, and if there was any interaction between them, it was a competitive relationship. Theo did not greet Edward when he left but only gave the nod

Edward returned to the car in a daze, and he had already guessed that if Natalie became Mrs. Wilson, her husband would not be Max but Trevon. Otherwise, Theo would not have valued her so much and come to see her off himself.

However, Natalie had said that the child had nothing to do with Trevon. What did she mean by that? Also, Trevon didn’t come to see her off today. As her husband, he should have been there. And what about the child?

There were too many questions. How much had these two girls hidden from him? What had he missed?

Theo walked out of the airport and saw a familiar Maybach waiting outside. He smirked with a hint of disdain, approached the car steadily, and knocked on the window with his cane.

In the car. Trevon opened the window awkwardly. “Ahem… Grandpa.”

Theo deliberately said, “Are you here to meet a client or send a client off?”

Trevon had a cold expression on his face. He pursed his lips and did not speak. Clearly, he could not answer.

Theo was disappointed and said. “You could have done so much more if you just opened your mouth. Just sit here and bask

in the sun. It’s a beautiful day today. Maybe it’ll help clear your mind. I won’t keep you company.”

Trevon said nothing.

When they got into the car, Theo sat in the back seat. He smiled at the butler and said, “You must have done it on purpose.” The butler was embarrassed to be seen through. “Hehe, Mr. Landor is a smart person.”

Theo shook his head and replied, “You are the most shrewd one among us, but we need to be patient. And we shouldn’t be the ones who are most anxious.”


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