Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 93

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 93

Chapter 93


Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, it was the last day of the year

No matter how big a company was, it had to close for the holidays. It would be illegal not to

All the offices in Wilson Group were empty except for the CEO’s office. There was a man sitting there as if he was waiting for something.

After a moment. Jim rushed in, panting heavily. “Mr. Wilson, the information is here. Emily and Harry are biologically related to each other.”

Trevon was not too surprised as it was within his expectations. He just wanted proof of it.

After his breathing slowed down, Jim continued. “I found an important lead. Miss Lopez and Grand Manor’s chef know each other, and they are master and apprentice. According to the people close to them, Miss Lopez is the apprentice of Grand Manor’s chef, who teaches her cooking”

Trevon pondered over it, then pursed his lips and knocked on the table. “That explains why she knows how to cook so well. Emma Lopez has probably known that chef for a long time.”

Jim explained. “Yes, it’s been 21 years. He came to Athana after Mrs. Wilson was born. He used the same reason of wanting to

develop his career in Athana this time. I haven’t interrogated him yet for fear of alerting him. This person is quite tight-lipped. Mr. Roberts has asked about his previous workplace several times, but he didn’t give anything up. Mr. Roberts said that he can get him to divulge information, so we didn’t investigate further” After working for Trevon for a long time. Jim learned a lot from him. Hence, Jim could guess that the chef was not a simple person and was keeping secrets.

That day, Jim had casually asked Frank, and Frank only said a few things

Trevon narrowed his eyes and picked up the document on the table. It was much more detailed than the previous one. It detailed the relationship between Emma and the chef, the time when the chef came, and the narrative of the people around. them.

According to the information, the chef had a mother that passed away 21 years ago due to illness. After that, he came to


Why did he come to Athana 21 years ago?

Jim glanced at Trevon who was deep in thought. He thought for a moment and said, “Mr. Wilson, should we give this information to Mrs. Wilson now?”

Regarding Natalie, he felt that it was better to call her Mrs. Wilson. If he said that she was his ex-wife in front of Trevon, he would probably be sent to Southland again.

After pondering for a while, Trevon said, “Yes, send it to her. Where is she staying now?”

This time, Jim was a little hesitant. “Umm… Mrs. Wilson is staying in Evergreen Gardens.”

As soon as Jim finished speaking, he took a closer look at Trevon’s expression. Indeed, Trevon’s expression had darkened visibly. “She’s staying with Edward?”

Jim quickly said, “No, no. Mrs. Wilson is now living with the young mistress of the Landor family. Mr. Landor is staying at Landor’s residence. He goes back there every day because his mother can’t bear to part with him.”

Trevon eased up a bit when he heard that. “Okay, send it over. Help me buy two of the largest houses in that neighborhood. I want to combine them.”

Jim reminded, “Mrs. Wilson is just staying there temporarily and will go abroad after the new year. Mr. Wilson, do you want…” Jim then thought. “Do you want to go and apologize to Mrs. Wilson? If you don’t, she will be gone soon.”

Trevon glared at him. “What do you think I should do? You’ve been talking too much recently.”

Jim shut his mouth. He was secretly extremely disdainful of Trevon and thought. “Let’s see how long you can stay prideful. If you don’t like Mrs. Wilson, why are you spending all that money to buy property in Evergreen Gardens? You even want to buy two houses. It’s because you want a bigger house so that Mrs. Wilson can live there comfortably. You have already revealed your intentions, yet you still refuse to admit it.”

Jim walked to the door. Just then, Trevon’s voice came from behind “Go back to your hometown after delivering the documents.”

A few days ago, the reopening review of the project was concluded. The results were that Mia and the leader had acted on their own accord, so Wilson Group was innocent. The website clarified this and apologized to Wilson Group.

The project was then returned to Wilson Group.

The person who reported it would not have a good New Year this year.

The two girls were still sleeping at 3.30 p.m. at Evergreen Gardens. In their sleep, they heard someone ring the doorbell

Natalie rubbed her eyes, sat up, put on her coat, and went to open the door.


She saw Jim standing outside the door with a folder and a bag of things in his hand.

Natalie was a little surprised. Was the divorce procedure not completed yet! She had already obtained the divorce certificate

Jum knew what she wanted to ask and spoke first. “Mrs Wilson, this is the information that Mr. Wilson asked me to send to you. He said that it’s very important to you. Thus was bought for you by Mr. Wilson previously. He hopes that you can keep it. It’s a waste to leave it in Adare Manor“

Natalie was frozen for a second, but she still reached out to take the items. She then said politely. “Come in.”

At this moment, Sherri had also woken up. She walked out of the guest room and toward the front door while yawning. Jim, why are you here? Is it because Mr. Wilson can’t bear to part with Natalie?”

Natalie patted her, indicating that she should stop talking nonsense.

Jim smiled awkwardly. “Since I have already handed the things over to you, Mrs. Wilson, I’ll take my leave first. Happy New Year to you in advance, Mrs Wilson…”

Natalie corrected hum. “Jim, I’m already divorced from Mr. Wilson. From now on you should call me by my name. I wish you a happy new year in advance as well. I hope all your wishes come true.”

At this moment, Jim felt that Trevon suffered a really huge loss. Trevon was still being arrogant and didn’t want to go after Natalie, who was so beautiful, approachable, and kind.

“Thank you” He didn’t think he could address Natalie by her first name.

After Jum left, Natalie closed the door. Sherri glanced curiously at the contents of the bag. “What did Mr. Wilson send to you? Don’t tell me he’s regretting the divorce.

Natalie didn’t think so. He probably felt annoyed that the things she had worn were still in Adare Manor, so he asked Jim to send them to her “It’s the clothes and bags he bought for me previously. Perhaps he’s afraid that Mia would feel angry when she moved in and saw them, so he sent them to me”

Sherri was unhappy. “What a jerk. What’s inside the folder? Don’t tell me he’s demanding compensation. What a profiteer

To them. Trevon was a bad person. Coupled with the fact that Mia had said a few days ago that she was pregnant with Trevon’s child, their impression of Trevon was even worse now.

Sherri felt that if Trevon liked Natalie, he would definitely look for Natalie and give her an explanation. Instead, he actually sent back the things that Natalie had left in Adare Manor. This meant that he was clearing out her things,

Natalie didn’t care about it as she had let it go. From now on, all she had to take care of was her baby and her career. She slowly opened the folder

The first thing she saw was the relationship between Emily and Harry. Although she had already guessed it, she still felt sorry for her mother when she saw the information.

Sherri also went closer to take a look. She widened her eyes after just a glance. “Damn, this wretched girl is really an illegitimate daughter”

Sherri continued to scan the document “Natalie, isn’t your mother’s name Emma. She looked at Natalie in a daze.

At this moment, Natalie’s face was also a little pale. She had never thought that her mother was not her real mother. Ever since she was young, she could see how well her grandfather and the rest of the family treated her mother. She didn’t think that her mother was actually adopted.

If someone else had given her the information, she would have doubted the authenticity of it. However, Jim had brought it over, so Trevon must have gone through it before it was sent over.

Without Trevon’s permission, Jim wouldn’t have come looking for her.

If her mother was an orphan, then who was her real family? Why did they abandon her mother?

If her mother hadn’t met such kind people as her grandparents, Natalie didn’t dare to imagine what would have happened to her mother. She felt that God was fair and unfair at the same time.

Her mother was abandoned, but she was later found by good people. Natalie’s grandparents doted on Natalie’s mother like she was their own daughter and did not even have a second child.

Sherri saw that her best friend was not looking too well and said worriedly. “Natalie, don’t be sad. If your mother is an orphan, it means that she has a family. That means that you also have a family. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

Natalie had a guess in her heart “What if she was abandoned? What if they didn’t want her?”

Sherri could not deny this possibility. “It’s a possibility, but what if it’s not true?”

Natalie thought so too. However, she wanted to be prepared for the worst. Now, all she had were guesses. If her mother was lost, her real family were probably looking for her. Who would give up on their child? Yet, if her mother was abandoned, it was fine as well. Nataile’s grandparents loved her mother so much that her mother never knew that she was an orphan.


Natale made a decision to find out the truth. One needed to have something to live for in life. She wanted to find out who her mother’s family was.

Sherri looked at her best friend who was in a daze. “Stop looking at the document I’m a little hungry. It’s the new year tomorrow. Aren’t you going to buy some new year’s goods? Take advantage of today to go shopping. You have work tomorrow. Let’s go. I’ll have to go home after shopping too. If I don’t go home, my mother will give me a harsh scolding. I want to spend some time with my brother too.”

Natalie placed the documents in the room, then took out clothes from her closet and placed them on the bed. Sherri followed her into the bathroom to wash up The two of them chatted in the bathroom.

Natalie said as she squeezed out the toothpaste, “I told you to go home yesterday, but you didn’t want to. Your mother is probably going to give me a scolding”

Sherri’s mouth was full of toothpaste foam. “Don’t even start. I told you to come home with me, but you didn’t want to. I just wanted to accompany you.”

Natalie knew the reason, of course. “Yeah, yeah, you’re the best. Be careful when you go back.” The two people with foam in their mouths chatted happily in the bathroom.

After rinsing her mouth, Sherri asked, “Natalie, are you going to look for your real family?”

Before entering the bathroom, Natalie had already thought it through. “Yes. In life, you have to find the truth. I don’t want to live without knowing.”

Sherri nodded in agreement.


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