Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 94

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 94

Chapter 94

The two of them tidied themselves up and walked out of the room. The window of the corridor was open, and the cold wind blew in. It was so cold that one could not help but shiver

Natalie looked out of the window and saw snowflakes of all sizes dancing in the air. The bright light made the snowflakes

crystal clear.

The two of them adjusted their down jackets at the same time. Ever since they were pregnant, they cared a lot about their bodies. They wore thick clothes, and scarves and hats were indispensable when they went out

Sherri had even given up her favorite high heels. Meanwhile, Natalie had given up smoking and all food that was bad for her child. She would read parenting books for an hour in bed before going to sleep

Sherri said. “It’s really quite cold. I’m freezing, oh dear… We’re so brave. We actually went out to buy things in this weather. Natalie, you’ll send me home after buying things, and then you’ll drive the car away. You can’t drive your beloved motorcycle now. If I want to go out, I have a driver. I can also drive my brother’s car. We mustn’t catch a cold in this weather.”

Natalie didn’t refute. Instead, she nodded in agreement.

Yes, the most important thing now was her baby and her health

They arrived at the supermarket.

The two of them grabbed a shopping cart each. Sherri also planned to buy some food to bring home. She had to pay attention to her diet. If she didn’t like to eat the food that was prepared when she got home, at least she would have some snacks lying around.

The child in her womb was also very obedient. She didn’t get any morning sickness and could eat and sleep normally.

Sherri hoped that she would not experience any effects of pregnancy when she returned home. Otherwise, her sharp-eyed mother would be able to tell..

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, a sarcastic voice sounded. “Oh, isn’t this the woman who just got divorced?”

Upon hearing this. Natalie and Sherri turned around. When they saw who it was, they felt annoyed and disdainful.

There was a rich-looking woman who was covered in fur from head to toe standing in front of them. Who else could it be but Elena?

It was as if Elena was afraid that people did not know she was rich. After being Mrs. Foster for so many years, why did her taste in clothes not improve at all?

Sherri couldn’t help but feel disgusted. “I didn’t look at my horoscope when I went out today. I thought there would be more choices in larger supermarkets, but it seems that the standards of supermarkets nowadays are so low, any Tom, Dick, or Harry can enter.”

Emily was so angry that she wanted to retort, but she was stopped by Elena. “Miss Landor, you’re going too far. This supermarket is open to the public, so anyone can enter.”

Natalie looked at the two people, whom she didn’t like at all, in front of her. “If you don’t want to go too far, make sure your family cleans the public toilets regularly.”

Sherri laughed out loud. As expected, Natalie was the best at insulting others.

The nympho had dated at least 50 men. If someone said that Emily had just gone on dates with these men and never slept with any of them before, even Emily herself wouldn’t believe it. It was very accurate to use the term “public toilet” to describe Emily.

Emily pointed at Natalie angrily and said, “What’s there to be smug about? Do you think you’re still Mrs. Wilson? You’re nothing more than a woman who was used and then discarded by Trevon.”

Sherri wanted to tear her mouth apart, but Natalie pulled her back and squeezed her wrist, indicating to Sherri that she should not be rash. “First of all, I don’t want to argue with you here and be as low-class as you, but if you insist on making a fool of yourselves, there’s nothing I can do I can’t stop you.”

Natalie paused for a moment and looked at Elena, who was about to speak. However, Natalie didn’t give Elena a chance to speak and continued, “I’m divorced, but it has nothing to do with you. If you’re the queen, you can order me around, but are you the queen? Why do you care about others so much? If you have the time, you should be worrying about whether the Foster family will fall or not. You might not even be able to afford to shop at the supermarket after the new year and have to go to the convenience store. Anyone who is divorced will always be better than someone who is a mistress.”

Elena clenched her fists. This wretched girl was right. The Foster family was indeed at a low point now. It was really hard to predict what would happen after the new year. If they still could not get the funds, they might even have to declare bankruptcy.

This was also Mia’s fault. She had accidentally drugged her business partners, causing them to terminate their contracts with their company. They even announced that they would never work with Foster Group ever again in their lives.

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Jim thought for a moment “Mrs Wilson didn’t say anything. She just said thank you and wished me a happy New Year?

The voice on the other end was cold and deep ‘Nothing else?”

Jiny said truthfully. “Nothing else”


“Oh. Mrs Wilson also wished that I would get all my wishes fulfilled this year That’s all The next second, Trevon hung up mercilessly

In Wilson’s residence. Trevon was standing on the balcony, his face filled with dissatisfaction. He was frowning as he said, “This woman is really heartless”

He had already helped her find leads, but she did not ask him for help to continue investigating. She didn’t even ask Jim to pass him a message She was brave, alright

Trevon thought. Let’s see what you can find without my help”


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