Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 95

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 95

Chapter 95

Trevon continued to smoke in frustration as he watched the snowflakes falling from the sky and landing on the treetops in front of the courtyard.

His chest felt stuffed. No matter how much he smoked, he couldn’t get rid of the feeling

Rachel pushed open the door of the living room and walked in. When she saw her son smoking, she couldn’t help but frown. The company was closed for a few days because of the holidays, so Trevon was at home. She realized that her son’s smoking addiction had intensified recently. Every time she saw him, he was smoking

“It’s not good to smoke too much”

Upon hearing that, Trevon put out his cigarette and walked into the living room. After closing the balcony door, the room instantly became much warmer.

He was not enthusiastic. Instead, he was a little cold. “What’s the matter?”

Rachel automatically ignored his coldness as she was used to it. It would be out of Trevon’s character if he was enthusiastic. “Have you prepared the New Year’s gift for Grandpa tomorrow?”

This was a tradition in the Wilson family. Every year on New Year’s Eve, the younger generation would prepare a gift for Theo. Trevon was no exception.

He continued coldly, “Yes”

Even though Trevon had answered her question, Rachel did not intend to leave. She did not look old even though she was 50 years old. She took good care of herself, so no one could see any traces of age on her face. I heard from your grandfather that the two of you are divorced”

“Yes,” Trevon replied curtly. He didn’t like to talk about this.

It was rare for Rachel to be so talkative. “What do you think?”

“What can I think about after the divorce?” Natalie was about to leave the country. He couldn’t possibly beg her to stay. He definitely wouldn’t do that.

Rachel sighed in her heart. She didn’t teach her son anything in terms of relationships. 20 years ago. Caleb had just taken over Wilson Group when he was met with a car accident. His lower body was almost paralyzed. At that time, Trevon was only 8 years old. Rachel gave all her attention to Caleb then. She only hoped that her husband wouldn’t be paralyzed and neglected her son’s growth.

When Caleb finally recovered, Trevon had already matured and his personality was already more or less developed. He was cold and indifferent to everything and did not seem to feel much.

Rachel was guilty that he turned out this way, so she especially hoped that Trevon could find someone to love and share his

burden with

Rachel hesitated for a moment. “If you like, L…”

“There’s no need. I can take care of my own matters. You don’t have to worry.” He realized that his tone was a little harsh.

Hence, he asked, “How is Dad’s leg?”

Rachel replied truthfully, “The aftereffects of the car accident can’t be completely eliminated. It’s already very good. compared to before. At least he’s standing, but when the weather is cold, his knees will still hurt. It’s fine as long as he doesn’t go out and keeps warm.”

“Okay” Cold as ever again.

Noticing that her son had nothing to say, Rachel said that she would go downstairs to see if it was time for dinner. She also instructed him to smoke less.

At the dining table, Theo looked at his grandson, who was eating in silence, with disdain.

Theo glared at Trevon with every mouthful of food Trevon ate. Noticing the unfriendly gaze, Trevon looked up and met the old man’s disdainful eyes.

Trevon cleared his throat awkwardly. “Grandpa, I got you a calligraphy scroll that I think you’ll like.”

Theo snorted. “My favorite girl has left in anger because of you. What’s the use of that scroll? Can it turn into a granddaughter-in-law?”

Trevon was rendered speechless and thought, “Didn’t Grandpa get the divorce certificate for us?”

Rachel was putting food into Caleb’s bowl. She nudged her husband and gestured for him to help Trevon out

Unexpectedly, Mary added, “That’s right, Mr. Trevon. Mrs. Wilson is a really good person. She doesn’t put on any airs at all and is especially polite. We all like her so much. She’s so kind.”


After the old man forced the entire Wilson’s residence to watch the live broadcast of the rescue incident. Natalie gained many admirers from the Wilson’s residence.

The atmosphere was a little awkward. When the old man heard this, he became even angrier and glared at his grandson for the entire night

The day after New Year’s, as soon as Natalie got off work, she drove Sherri’s car to the Foster’s residence with a trunk full of New Year’s goods. When the two servants heard the long-awaited voice at the door, they ran to greet her.

“Miss Natalie, you’re back. Are you here to celebrate New Year?”

Ever since Barron’s death, Natalie could not get over this and chose to avoid going home. Now that she was back, the two servants were overjoyed.

Natalie smiled. “Yes. I bought many things. Let’s make pizza together tonight”

The two servants’ eyes turned red as they hurriedly ran over to help her carry her things. As they moved, they grumbled, “Miss Natalie, why did you buy so many things? Are you planning to stay here for long?”

As Natalie walked into the Foster’s residence, which she had not stepped into for a long time, her sealed memories instantly surged in her mind. Every corner of the room was filled with memories of her and her grandfather.

There was laughter and banter, her grandfather teasing her, and the scene of her being educated by her grandfather. One scene after another played on a loop like a slide show in her mind. In an instant, tears blurred her eyes. She missed her grandfather. She missed him very much.

A servant noticed her emotions. “Miss Natalie, do you miss Mr. Theo?” She began to feel sad as well, and she choked up.

Natalie came back to her senses and wiped away her tears. She smiled and said, “Lena, I’m fine. It’s just that I haven’t been back for a long time, and there are just so many mentories of Grandpa here. I’ll move on. Don’t worry.”

After everything was moved in. Natalie began to distribute them. “Lena, I bought two sets of calcium tablets. You’re aging, so one for each of you to prevent osteoporosis. Also, I bought a coat for you and Jenny. These are your New Year’s gifts. They aren’t particularly expensive, so don’t mind it. I also bought two sets of this massager…”

Natalie continued to talk while distributing the things she had bought. Little did she know that the two servants’ eyes were already red from crying.

When Natalie looked up, she saw Lena and Jenny’s red and swollen eyes. Natalie smiled. “Hey, I’m going to be sad too if you guys are like this. Let’s celebrate the new year happily, okay? Grandpa doesn’t like it when I cry. Don’t make me cry.”

The two of them nodded and started to tease each other. Jenny, it’s all your fault. You’re affecting me. Hurry up and get the flour I’ll prepare the other ingredients. Miss Natalie is probably hungry after getting off work.”

“There’s no hurry. It’s fine. You can bring your things to your rooms first”

The two servants were so touched that they brought all the gifts distributed by Natalie back to their rooms and kept thanking her

Natalie’s eyes were filled with tears as she muttered in her heart, “Grandpa, I’m back for New Year. I’ll spend the new year with you. I won’t cry again after New Year.”

Looking around at the clean environment, she could tell that the two servants had been very diligent in cleaning the house. The furnishings were also still the same.

After thinking for a while, Natalie composed herself and said to Jenny who just came out of the room, “Jenny, let’s make pizza together.”

Jenny quickly said, “No, no, we can’t let you do that. Sit down and let us do it.”

Natalie refused. “It’s fine. Grandpa used to let me do it all the time. We won’t get too tired if we work together. We can even chat with each other to pass the time.”

Lena said, “Thanks, Miss Natalie, Are you coming back to stay after the new year?”

Natalie kneaded the dough as she said, “I’m not staying. I’ll only be staying here for a few days. I’m going abroad after New


Jenny and Lena said in unison, “Miss Natalie, you’re going abroad?”

“That’s right. I want to improve myself. Didn’t Grandpa always say that we have to learn as long as we’re alive? I’m going abroad to increase my knowledge.”

Lena was a little worried. After all, Natalie had never left Athana. Theo had protected her very well.

Noticing their worried expressions, Natalie said, “It’s fine. Don’t worry. I’m going to study, not go on crazy adventures. Don’t


Natalie suddenly thought of the document she read and asked, “Jenny, Lena, where did you get your culinary skills from?”

At the mention of this, happy memories surfaced in the minds of the two servants. The memories were all about Natalie’s


mother. “We were taught by Mrs. Foster, your mother. She was very outstanding and knew how to cook very well. I remember that when Mrs. Foster first married into the family, she didn’t know how to cook. Later, she seemed to have learned it from someone and said that she wanted to cook for us to try. At that time. Mr. Theo and Mr. Harry were both around. Mr. Harry liked the dishes cooked by her very much. Later on, every time Mrs. Foster learned a new dish, she would teach us how to make it. Gradually, we forgot our previous cooking methods and became used to Mrs. Wilson’s cooking method.”

So that was how it was. It seemed that the information she received was true. Although she didn’t suspect it was fake before, now that she heard her servants tell her this, she was even more certain.

After eating pizza at night, Natalie went to her room. Quiet nights tended to bring back one’s memories.

She was immersed in vivid memories.

Suddenly, her phone rang. The caller ID stated that it was Sherri

As soon as Natalie picked up the call, a happy voice came from the other end. “Natalie, what are you doing?”

“Talking to you on the phone.”

“Do you even have conversational skills? I want to share something happy with you.”

Hence, Natalie asked, “How was it when you got home? Did your mother scold you? Did she find out?”

Sherri was very happy. “No, she didn’t. Let me tell you something! Distance really makes the heart grow fonder. I stayed at my brother’s place for a few days. When I came back, my mother was very good to me. She didn’t even scold me. My brother even covered for me. Besides, my brother has forgiven me.”

Natalie laughed. “Look at how happy you are. Tell me, how did you beg for forgiveness?”

“Of course, I used my ultimate weapon. I acted cute. I was prepared to throw tantrums if he still didn’t forgive me.”

Natalie knew that Sherri only had two weapons in her arsenal. Edward probably forgave her because he couldn’t take it anymore. In short, everything was fine as long as he forgave her.

The process was not important.

She was really happy for Sherri “Happy New Year to you. I’ve sent you some money through Venmo. Hurry up and accept it. I hope you have a great year, always be so beautiful, and be loved by everyone.”

“Thank you, my dear. You’re so sweet today. I just sent you 88 dollars. Isn’t that very auspicious and generous? I wish you a great year ahead. I hope that you’re always happy and will always be lucky.”

“Thanks. I also sent you the same amount. It’s almost 12 o’clock. Don’t stay up late to watch dramas.”

“Alright, Mrs. Wilson. Bye, love you.”

After hanging up, Natalie sent money to Jenny and Lemn through Venmo. After that, she sent 88 dollars to Edward along with a text message. [Happy New Year. I wish you all the best.]

Soon, Edward replied. [Thank you for your wishes. Happy New Year to you too.] Immediately after, she also received the same amount of money from Edward.

Natalie did not accept it. Instead, she replied with a thank you, smiled, and put away her phone.

Just as she put down her phone, a person with the username ‘Chameleon” sent her 888 dollars through Venmo

Natalie paused for a moment. She stretched out her fair fingers and quickly rejected it. Without typing a word, she put away her phone.


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