Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 97

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 97

Chapter 97

After finishing the lunch cooked by the servant, Natalie drove to the Landor family. Since Sherri wasn’t proficient at driving. Natalie picked her up, ensuring a safer and more secure journey.

The car stopped steady at the entrance of the Landor family

She unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car. Edward, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time, came out to meet her wearing casual pajamas. He looked much thinner, perhaps due to exhaustion from managing his company

She walked forward and called out. “Edward”

Edward gazed at her for a moment, his eyes unconsciously fixated on the thick coat covering her belly.

Noticing Edward’s scrutiny, she felt like he was still upset and awkwardly said. “I came to pick up Sherri.”

He stood there in a daze for a moment before saying. “Okay, let her move in with you tomorrow so you don’t have to keep coming back and forth. It’s also hard on you, especially because it’s not suitable for you to rush around like this. Tonight, when you finish work, just go straight home. I’ll have her things delivered to Evergreen Gardens.” He didn’t know where he had mustered the courage to say these words to her.

“Not a bother, and it’s not too far. If Sherri wants to live with me, that’s fine too. It’s Jamiary 1st, don’t you plan to visit your relatives?” With families like the Landors, there were probably many distant relatives and family members to visit

“No need, she didn’t have to attend this year. Sherri told me you were going for the takeover bid on the Foster Group”

Natalie nodded truthfully. She had guessed the reason why Sherri was not allowed to go.

“When do you want to do it? I’ll help you buy shares. It’s not safe for you to do it yourself”

She didn’t want to keep relying on others to handle things for her, so she politely declined with a smile. “Really, there’s no need. I’ve already made arrangements, and if I can’t handle it. I’ll ask for your help then”

Edward controlled his emotions. “No need to be polite. It’s only natural for me to help you”

She smiled again. “Edward, I’m not lying to you. I really found someone to buy the shares, and it’s been going on for a few days”

After the trending topics involving Mia and Emily, she swiftly submitted an acquisition proposal in Velocity Expeditions for

the shares.

The platform would be in charge of everything and send the acquisition contract over. She just had to sign it and put her thumbprint on it.

She already had a person in mind to hire as a lawyer for further assistance.

“Okay, that’s good. If you need anything, just tell me

Natalie expressed her gratitude once again. She had a feeling that something was changing between her and Edward, and she could sense his subtle aloofness.

The only reason she could think of was that her and Sherri’s pregnancy had disappointed him.

After a few moments of conversation, the atmosphere became somewhat silent and uneasy. At that moment, Sherri came bouncing out, saying, “What are you two talking about? It feels like you got here so quickly!”

Looking at her best friend who was jumping around, Natalie’s heart beat faster. Take care. Be careful”

“Got it. I’ll get going first.”

“OK. You don’t have to come back tonight. I’ll tell Mom.”

Sherri was a little surprised. Was he chasing her out on January 1st? “Huh? Why?”

“What do you think? You ate so much without fear of being caught by Mom,” Juana asked Edward yesterday, questioning why Sherri had been eating so much lately as her appetite seemed rather unusual.

Sherri seemed to have had an increased susceptibility to hunger lately, as she would quickly seek out snacks within a short period of time.

Looking at the gradually fading Mercedes, Edward became absent-minded. Yes, he was avoiding Natalie and did not know how to face her. He was a person who had grown up in a structured environment and had never done anything out of line throughout his life.

Everything was planned in advance, and then he followed the schedule that he had planned, including when to confess to her, when to get married, and when to plan to have children. It was just that plans could never keep up with changes.

Ever since Natalie got pregnant, he understood that not everything in life could be implemented with a plan, such as love.

Love came unexpectedly and left quietly; even though he wanted to hold onto it, he couldn’t find a reason.


Natalie was pregnant, and he didn’t know what to do. The Landor family was a prominent family, and Juana would never accept an unmarried pregnancy, especially since it wasn’t his child. If they suggested Natalie have an abortion, they wouldst even remain as friends, and he had no right to make such a proposal.

In the evening. Natalie and Sherri received notification from the hospital that their training program had been moved up requiring them to leave for overseas on January 5th.

The Athana Hospital was very humane and valued talent cultivation. Although Natalie and Sherri were originally wheduled for a long shift the next day, the hospital director had decided that anyone going abroad would have three days off starting the next day

To put it nicely, they needed to accompany their family and prepare to go overseas.

After getting off work at night. Natalie drove Sherri to the house to get her things

As soon as she entered, the two servants came out to welcome her. “Miss, you’re back. I made soup for you.”

Sherri was happy and disdainful. Even the servants treated Natalie better than her blood relatives.

“Thank you.”

When the servant saw that Sherri was there, she quickly greeted, “Miss Landor, please have a bowl too. Miss Foster’s appetite has been good recently. We made a lot.”

Sherri smiled. It turned out that she was not the only one with a huge appetite. They were really best friends. She also saud politely. Thank you.”

“No need to be polite. Miss Foster bought a lot of things during the holiday.” She had a smile on her face as she kept talking about how great Natalie was while heading into the kitchen.

Soon, another bowl of soup was served

Natalie ate half a bowl and said. “I can’t stay here tonight. I’m leaving on January 5th. Call me if you need anyth

Instantly, the servants eyes turned red. “You’re leaving so soon? Then then you have to be careful

“It’s fine. It’s just two years. I’ll be back soon I might need your help when I come back”

“Okay, as long as you don’t mind that we’re old”

Lena nodded in agreement and turned around to wipe her tears.

It was already 10 PM when they returned to Evergreen Gardens, and upon entering the house, they saw a large box and a bag of snacks. There was no doubt that Edward had been there.

However, the two of them were a little puzzled. Why did he come when they were not around?

“He didn’t tell us that he came over. But he’s been acting strange lately, not talking much. Maybe he’s having a disagreement with his girlfriend from overseas. That must be it, she said in a serious tone as it trying come up with i

Natalie smiled. “Stop imagining things. If it is a fact, he would definitely bring his girlfriend back to see you Why are your so


“That’s true. He can’t hide his girlfriend forever When the time comes. I’ll rip him off.

Sherri thought for a moment and said, “Natalie, let’s go buy some daily necessities tomorrow, like clothes and pants. What we’re too busy when we get there and don’t have time to shop? Besides, we’re not familiar with the place and don’t know the way around.”

“Okay, let’s buy some casual clothes. The clothes in the closet may not fit soon, and there is no need to bring them. After giving birth, I don’t know how much I will weigh, and bringing them will take up space and be exhausting to carry” she said.

Sherri thought of the company’s matter. “Natalie, you said that you wanted to buy shares last time. Now that you’ve left the country early, your scumbag dad hasn’t made a move yet. What should we do next?”

She stopped undressing “Don’t worry. It’s already underway”

Sherri gaped in shock. “When did you do this? Why didn’t I know?”

While they were talking, Natalie received a text message “All the outstanding shares of the Foster Group have been acquired and signed for. Harry has offered 20% of his shares in exchange for cash to kerp the company going and has also signes He doesn’t have many shares left in his hands, and they will be sent to your place tomorrow. Please sign and uamp the final document. And the remaining amount has already been transferred back to your original account with Damon so the signatory.”

After reading the message, Natalie smiled She threw her phone to Sherri and continued to take off her clothes in good



Glancing at the message, Sherri was shocked “Oh my god, Natalie, you’re really doing something big silently’ When did you order again!”


“A few days ago, after the trending event. I placed two orders totaling 40,000 dollars and then spent 20 million dollars. acquiring shares. This transaction was a bit difficult. Can you help me check how much money has been returned?” she said. “What’s the other mission? The efficiency of this platform is really astonishing.”

“Find an excellent and responsible professional manager to help me manage the Foster Group. I don’t know how to manage. and can’t afford to run the Foster Group unto the ground.”

“Oh my god,16 million dollars? The Foster Group hasn’t announced any financial issues yet, so why are the shares being sold. at such a low price? It’s like they’re being given away for a bargain!” she exclaimed.

“16 million dollars? Are you sure you read that right?” Natalie couldn’t believe it. She transferred 20 million dollars in total and agreed with the platform for a refund or additional payment as needed. Did they give us too much of a refund? Or is the platform struggling with the business recently and offering discounts?”

Sherri picked up Natalie’s phone again and carefully counted. ‘Right, it’s 16 million dollars, not 16 million dollars. They shouldn’t make a mistake about this kind of thing. Maybe Damon was very capable and negotiated a low price for their


Natalie nodded and felt that there was a possibility. After all, the efficiency of this platform was indeed high. She decided not to dwell on it since who would complain about getting more money back than expected?

It was great to acquire all the outstanding shares, including the 20% held by Harry, for just 4 million dollars.

Sherri gave her a thumbs up, admiring her decisive and proactive attitude.

She wondered what would happen after Harry lost the Foster Group. They would probably go overseas too!

“Pretty good. Then let’s have a good sleep and go shopping tomorrow.”

Natalie thought that Harry wasn’t actually foolish. After all, he still held 10% of the shares. It would be a good thing for him if someone acquired them and he could re-enter as a shareholder. As long as they didn’t make any public announcements, he was still part of the Foster Group and a shareholder. It didn’t matter that he was no longer the largest shareholder and had no decision-making power. As long as the Foster Group didn’t go bankrupt, it was all good.


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