Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 98

Turning Of The Tide By Diana Sander chapter 98

Chapter 98


The following day was a perfect day with clear blue skies and warm sunshine The absence of clouds made it feel exceptionally comfortable, causing one to feel lazy and sleepy

Sherri stood in front of the window in her pajamas and stretched. “This weather is really comfortable. Natalie, where should

we go first?”

Looking for clothes in her closet, she found it difficult to decide what to wear. Recently, she had put on some weight, and most of her clothes were jeans. She didn’t have any sweatpants, and the ones she did have were too light for the current season. She felt uneasy about wearing her tight-fitting jeans.


‘s go buy some clothes first” As she could not fit mito her panis, she decided to make do with it today.

“Alright, I want to buy clothes too” Sherri took out a knitted dress from her suitcase. She wore a pair of leggings and a long down jacket that was filled with thuf. It was not bad and very warm.

After struggling for a while, Natalie was still having trouble with her jeans. She couldn’t button them up and didn’t want to hold her breath all day. She let out a sigh of frustration and gave up. Turning to Sherri, she asked, “Do you have any leggings

or tights I can wear?”

Sherri blinked her eyes. Yes, do you want to wear a dress?” Filled with confusion, she scanned her lower body. “Natalie, you seem to be fatter than me.”

“Jeans are the most realistic measuring device. As long as I can’t button it up. I’ll definitely gain weight.”

Sherri took out a long sweater and leggings for her and retorted. “No, you can also say that these pants have shrunk. It’s just an excuse to comfort yourself. Hahahala

Natalie rolled her eyes at her. “Don’t be happy too early. If you wore jeans, you’d be in the same situation”

Why are you so annoying? Can’t you let me be happy for a while? Can’t we chat happily?”

The two of them bickered and debated about who was fatter. They were delayed for half an hour. By the time the two of them were dressed, it was already an hour later

Sherri lowered her spending standards considering the future expenses of raising a child. She couldn’t keep asking her mother, Juana, for money. So, she followed Natalie to a budget-friendly store

As for Natalie, she did not dare to use the money left behind by her grandpa. She was afraid that the Foster Group would need more money to operate.

Natalie led Sherri into a sportswear store. The brand’s fabrics were very comfortable and breathable, which she had researched online during the past few days when her appetite had increased.

Sherri walked in and immediately spotted a pink sportswear set. “Natalie, what do you think about buying this color together! I think it looks really nice.”

At the sight of the pink color, Natalie couldn’t help but shake her head disapprovingly. The soft and girly shade was not suitable for her laste. “You can go with pink, but I’ll stick with black”

The store assistant came over and introduced it warmly. “Hello, we have several other colors for this set. This young lady’s fair skin would also look great in grey or beige.”

As she spoke, she had already displayed two sets of different colors in front of them.

“Natalie, why don’t you wear the beige one? Don’t always wear black

After much hesitation, Natalie chose the beige one. Very few of her clothes were bright. They were either gray, black, or


Even the bedsheets were despised by Sherri.

After buying the sportswear, Sherri insisted on going to buy some more items, including dresses, flat shoes, and intimate wear. These were areas where she had the expertise, so Natalie followed her lead.

After buying everything, it was already past six in the evening.

Theo, sitting in the dining room and leisurely eating his soup, noticed that his grandson’s face was as dark. He felt a bit confused and asked him what was wrong

As Trevon strode into the room, ready to head upstairs, he was stopped by Theo,

“Who has upset you? You look even worse today than yesterday. Your mood seems to be declining Thro said, looking at his grandson with concern

Tevon thought Theo did it on purpose.

After finishing his soup and wiping his mouth. Theo stood up energetically. As you are my grandson, I have some news for you that won’t rost a cent. The flight for Natalie is at 9:30 am tomorrow morning.”


After speaking, Theo observed his grandson’s expression calmly for a few seconds before breaking into a clear smile

Trevon paused for a moment before responding “What does that have to do with me?”

Theo continued to smile and stroked his short beard. ‘Hmm, that makes sense. It seems like it has nothing to do with you. Alright then, I guess I was just being nosy. By the way, I still plan on seeing her off. She’ll be gone for two years,” he said, dragging out the last word a bit.

Theo muttered to himself as he went upstairs and sighed.

Trevon sat on the sofa, feeling frustrated and pressing his brow. “Mary, make me a cup of coffee,” he said gruffly, taking off his tie and tossing it onto the couch.

However, the person who brought the coffee wasn’t Mary but Rachel, who gently placed it on the coffee table and spoke in a warm tone. “Sapphire City isn’t that far away; you can go anytime you want. Your father’s leg has been getting treatment there for a long time. If you’re not busy this year, come with me. I have to go there several times a year”

Realizing that his mother had brought the coffee, Trevon did not know how to speak. He only said calmly, “Let’s talk about it

when we have time.”

Rachel knew her son’s temperament, so she didn’t say too much. “Alright, don’t sleep too late. Ill bring a bowl of soup to your father.”


As Natalie and Sherri returned to Evergreen Gardens, they hadn’t been inside when the property management knocked on their door for a long

Natalie was a little tired from walking too much today. As expected, pregnant women were weak. She got up and opened the door

The property manager maintained his professional smile. “Hello, this is your express delivery. We came twice today and saw that you weren’t at home.”

Natalie returned a polite smile. “Thank you.”

“It’s what we do.

After closing the door, she opened the package and found that it was a share transfer agreement sent by the platform, along with a resume for a professional manager.

“Terrell Sutton? He’s a returned overseas personnel, graduated from a prestigious university, served in the military, and majored in economics and management. The information was very detailed, including his phone number. She didn’t plan to intervene to avoid disputes because of her special identity personally Safety was a priority, so she could only call this manager to handle it. She believed in Damon’s ability and trusted that he wouldn’t reveal the person who was acquiring the


Natalie had a strong trust in the platform, perhaps due to her grandfather’s influence and their efficient service.

Sherri leaned over to take a look at the resume. Thaven’t heard of this person before, and they don’t seem to be from Athana,” she said. If this was a well-known manager, it should have been discussed in their social circle.

Natalie, on the other hand, thought it was good that she didn’t recognize the manager and that he wasn’t from Athana. It would reduce the likelihood of suspicion, and it might even appear as if someone outside of Athana was acquiring the shares

“I’m going to make a call. Just sort through the stuff and see what else we’re missing.”

“Okay, go ahead”

Natalie sat on the sofa and dialed the number in the information. Soon, the other party picked up. “Hello”

A rough and emotionless voice came from the phone. “Is this Miss Foster?”

“Yes, Mr. Sutton”

Before Natalie could ask any questions, the manager had already entered work mode. “Okay, Miss Foster, how would you like me to handle the handover? Should I represent you fully, or should you come forward? And when would you like me to start?” This direct and straightforward approach impressed Natalie. There was no beating around the bush.

Every point was what she had wanted to ask.

“When is it convenient for you to work here? I don’t plan to appear at the moment.”

“Sure, you can start on the 6th of this month. I’ll send the monthly accounts to your email regularly. And if during this time, you feel that I am not performing well, you can terminate iny employment at any time without incurring any additional fees.”

“That won’t happen. I believe in your ability.”

After a few more instructions, Natalie hung up the phone. She appreciated the manager’s efficient and straightforward


approach, which made the handover process seem effortless and stress-free.

Natalie signed every agreement, and Damon even prepared the ink, which surprised Natalie a little.

Sherri saw Natalie diligently signing and stamping the document as she came out. “Natalie, do you want to keep this agreement at my place, or should we go put it in a safe deposit box?”

Natalie pondered for a moment before responding. “I’ll go open one tomorrow. After all, we won’t be around here for a while, and it’s sater to keep it in a safe deposit box.”

“Yes, I think it’s safer this way.


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